Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture of the Committee on Privileges and Elections - 1904

Reading from left to right those who are seated about the celebrated round table are as follows:  1.  R.W. Tayler, attorney of opposition to Smoot; 2.  Waldemar Van Cott, Smoot attorney; 3.  A.S. Worthington, Smoot attorney; 4.  F.E. Dubois, senator; 5.  L.E. Overman, senator; 6.  E.W. Pettus, senator; 7.  J.S. Burrows, senator, chairman; 8.  Reed Smoot, senator; 9.  G.F. Hoar, senator; 10.  A.J. Beveridge, senator; 11. C.M. Depew, senator; 12.  J.B. Foraker, senator; 13.  L.E. McComas, senator; 14.  W.P. Dillingham, senator; 15.  A.J. Hopkins, senator; absent, Senator Bailey of Texas.

The picture isn't perfect, but it gives a general sense of what the committee room looked like at the turn of the century.

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