Friday, October 23, 2009

Photos of the Committee Hearing Book, Vol. I

I found a copy of Volume I of the testimony that I was allowed to borrow.  The book is still in fairly good condition, although the paint (?) on the spine comes off on my hand if I hold it there.  I tried to touch it as little as possible.

I've uploaded a few pictures of the book, just to give you a general sense of the book and the testimony inside of it.

The last photo is of testimony from the first day given by President Joseph F. Smith.  The resolution on the photo is larger so you can, hopefully, actually read some of his testimony given before the committee.  This specific piece of his testimony is about how vacancies in the Twelve are filled, and how a new president and prophet of the church is chosen.  This is only 2 pages of his testimony that goes on page after page.  Fairly interesting reading in my opinion.  This book has obviously been read before as it is underlined in both red and blue marking pencils.  There is also lead writing in the margins of the book on subjects discussed or sometimes a cross-reference to another source.

This testimony was given on March 2, 1904, in Washington D.C.

FYI:  Mr. Tayler is the attorney for the protestants.  Mr. Worthington and Mr. Van Cott are the attorneys for the respondent (Reed Smoot).  The other Senators mentioned on this page are members of the committee. 

The full name of the book on the spine is as follows:


No. 13c
PROCEEDINGS in matter of protests against REED SMOOT Senator from Utah  Vol. 1

59th CONGRESS  1st SESSION  1905  1906

Don't forget, there are 4 Volumes for this hearing, this is just the first one.

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